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Sibuor Empire is a Digital Creative Agency. We are a bunch of perfectionists who take pride in coming up with disruptive and immersive digital experiences. We are designers, developers, music fanatics, moms, dads, freaks and nerds. Pleased to meet you already.


We excel at making complex international websites for market-leading companies and NGOs. We meet the tightest schedules, integrate your website with external systems and prepare it for outstanding traffic. We also provide domain name registration and hosting services.

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Sibuor Empire has a full service, forward-thinking Management Department. We use our experience and resources to craft a strategic plan of action for our artists to consistently achieve positive momentum. We manage the careers and touring activities of most prominent performing artists and institutions. We view our artists as partners, rather than clients, with a common long-term goal of building their career brick-by-brick in the most credible manner.

Kurutu Tha Ironman

Kurutu Tha Ironman

Recording Artist
DJ Marcco

DJ Marcco

Johnnie Blaze

Johnnie Blaze

Jacktone Love

Jacktone Love


Your Online Shoe Store

Sibuor Collection is one stop fashion destination for smart buyers. We deliver our customers with an amazing range of footwear for men that are high on fashion and style. We believe that, to become a fashion icon, a personalized style is a must. What else could be the best platform than online fashion store? This is a destination for fashionable people as we believe that “don’t just be Stylish, but Be Smart, and buy SMART”.

The refreshing collection includes big brands such as Adidas, Nike, Sketchers, Puma among others. It makes sure that it is not just a seasonal affair but it is here to stay for a long time. Till date, in its journey, it has proved that it is about people who want to make a smart purchase. By smart purchase, we mean in terms of money, product as well as quality. With more than 100 branded names, Sibuor Collection is surely making a mark in the industry, whether for formals or casuals.

Your Online Event Tickets

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for event organizers to successfully create and manage their events.

SibTickets was built on the idea that anyone, anywhere wanting to organize an event should have the tools to simply do so. We promote this idea everyday through our dedicated team.

We make the focus of our efforts the event organizers, who work hard to ensure that their attendees have a great experience. We share their passion for bringing people together to create memories and enrich lives.