Judging by the number of people who type “what is SEO” into Google, it’s a much-misunderstood concept. Our SEO explainer provides a little more detail but in essence, it’s pretty much any activity that attempts to improve how well a web page ranks in Google’s natural search results for a specific search term.

There are technical aspects such as page speed, server location and page structure, along with creative activities such as having amazing content that people share. It’s much less of a black art than some would have you believe, but it is hard work and it takes time.

If you search on Google for the products and services you offer but all you see are your competitors, it’s probably a good idea to consider investing in SEO.

Although seldom a quick fix, SEO done right can cement your business at the top of Google or Bing search results and generate website traffic and enquiries in a way few other 21st century techniques can match. Well executed SEO campaigns transform businesses and make a massive contribution to a business’s growth plans. If you’re trying to grow your business you simply can’t ignore SEO.